French Vanilla Liquid Stevia Drops


French Vanilla Liquid Stevia (2 FL OZ – 60 ML)


French Vanilla Liquid Stevia Drops

This is natural, healthy liquid stevia with a warm, comforting French Vanilla flavor!

Add it to water, coffee, milk, Iced coffee, hot and Iced tea, plain yogurt, whip cream, smoothies, hot and cold cereal, ice cream and almost anything else you can imagine. It is a great replacement for sodas and diet drinks. Now you can give your child or loved one something that is sweet AND good for them!


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Our stevia is an all natural product that has zero calories, zero carbohydrates, zero fat, and zero sugar. A great, healthy and natural sweetner!


Suggested Use: Add 4 to 8 drops to beverage or food. Adjust to taste. Approximately 300 servings per container. Refregerate after opening to extend freshness.
Ingredients: Alcohol, Plant Based Flavors, Vegetable Glycerin, Stevia


This product does not contain pesticides, herbicides, gluten, MSG, GMO’s or sugar. It is not intended for use in metal containers.


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